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Welcome to the future
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Software creativity in service of productivity
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Electronics department  
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Mechanical design  

Since 1987 TESEO registered more than 20 Patents. They are solutions that changed the concept of leather cutting. All components of TESEO proprietary technology, even the smallest, has been studied and created at our own laboratories.
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Assembling cutting equipments  
Building precision equipments requires precision tools

Precision mechanics and continuous testing during the assembling. Any production phase is under our own checking: from the material choosing to the designing, from the motion engineering to the perfect integration with the electronics. Our designers have a constant feedback on the quality of any component designed and a constant development is granted.

Below: one of the assembling line of the TESEO cutting equipments.

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Support one to one directly on your system
We are constantly at our customers’ side in more than 67 Countries with 10 different languages.

The operators of our Support department can answer to all possible technical questions.

The high reliability and the simplicity of utilization highly reduce the need of technical interventions. Besides, our customers always have at their disposal an expert online through the
NESSO service (direct remote support service) and through a secure and encrypted connection compatible with proxy server and firewall, he can operate directly on the equipments as if he were on the customer’s plant, even at thousands of miles of distance. The availability of NESSO at our branches all over the world, allows us to grant this service 24 hours a day avoiding any production stop.
Through our branches all over the world, NESSO grants a REMOTE technical support in real time 24 hours a day. A solution to any problem or just a fast reply to a possible doubt.    
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customer care  
Any customer has at its disposal a reserved area on TESEO website, with e-mail and video-conference services. Furthermore, upon request, a professional cloud computing is available for a secure storage of all data. Besides, an online catalogue, updated in real time and complete with all consumable parts, maintenance products, spare parts and accessories is available.

TESEO Courtesy Service put at disposal of the customers cutting heads, projectors and replacing components to avoid any production stop during the maintenance procedures or in case of sudden break-downs.

For European installations TESEO offers an exclusive service of preventive maintenance (Check-Up On Site). In case of equipments with a continuous use (24h/7) or for Companies with no skilled staff, TESEO technicians will interventions with specifically equipped mobile workshops for preventive maintenance and also for major repairs.
  The mobile workshops are equipped with tools for resolutive maintenance interventions at the customers site.
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Storage and logistics  
TESEO Headquarters is placed on a 30.000 mq area of which 7.000 mq are dedicated to warehouse: shipments, loading of the raw materials, storage of finished components and equipments ready for the shipment. Large space is dedicated to spare parts and courtesy devices that every day are dispatched to our customers all over the world.

An accurate logistics allows a constant monitoring of the resources available, an efficient planning of the shipments and the management of the vehicles and of the mobile workshops (CUOS).

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