TESEO‘s privacy policy.


TESEO rules for the confidentiality of your personal data.

Art. 13 – Rights of the subject
1. According to personal data treatment, the subject has the right:
a) To Know the possible data treatment where he/she can be involved, as established by the Article 31, paragraph 1, letter a);
b) To be informed on the regulations contained on article 7, paragraph 4, letters a), b) and h);
c) To obtain, from the owner or the manager, information about:


1) The confirmation that such data exists and communication of the data as well as to know the source of the data and what criteria and purposes apply to its processing. The request can be renewed any ninety days;


2) The right to obtain an erasure or blocking of any data that is processed in breach of the law. This right may also be exercised if there us no valid reason any longer for retaining data that had been collected lawfully;


3) In the cases mentioned under 3 and 4 above, the right to obtain confirmation that the above operations have been made known to the entities the data had been communicated beforehand, unless this proves impossible or requires a disproportionate effort copared to the right to be protected;


d) The right to object to the processing of one’s data on legitimate reasons;

e) The right to object, in any and all cases, the processing of one’s own data for commercial information purposes and/or for sending advertising or direct selling materials and/or for market research purposes.


2. In the cases mentioned in the above paragraph 1, letter c), number 1) the subject can be charged with an handling fee if it is found that no data relating to the data subject is held. The fee is established respecting the limits stated by the law: article 33, paragraph 3.


3. The rights mentioned on paragraph 1, in case of death, can be exercised by any interested person.


4. In order to exercise the rights mentioned on paragraph 1, the subject can delegate natural person or associations.


5. The regulations on the professional secrecy for journalists relating to the origin of the news.


TESEO spa ensures to respect the National laws on “Data Privacy”, in any Country.

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