Project Description


A TESEO innovative system thought to cut fabrics and synthetics until 25 mm.

Innovative cutting system for very high production with 4 independent cutting heads.

  • Unique on the market able to perform simultaneous cutting with 4 heads on synthetic and multi-layer fabrics
  • Cutting from rolls (up to 10mm) and from multi-layer pieces (mattress) up to 25mm thick
  • Large working area to hold pieces and rolls up to 1,800mm of width
  • Advanced on-board automatic nesting system to optimize the consumption of materials


Cutting area1800 X 1600 mmHeads4
Dimensions7290 X 2270 X 3150 mmProjectors1


Single and multilayer synthetic or fabric materials.

Teseo brilliance for the highest quality productions

Surprisingly compact for this kind of production, TYCHE is the real innovation for those domains where the production is based on big quantities. Usually machines for high production has got some restrictions in flexibility. TESEO brilliance has realized this technology jewel. Its speed, accuracy and versatility have never been seen before for this kind of cutting systems.