Project Description


High productivity cutting unit for cardboard

SNAP is the only multitool cutter specific for cardboard, it is equipped with:

  • Main high speed cutting head with brushless engine and a punch (Ø1.6 – 3.0 mm)
  • Additional cutting head with a micro punch (Ø 0.6mm)
  • General refil support for texts and numberings (Pen)

The three tools, which are also suitable for plastics, allow to fully and completely cut any type of shape. The high quality of the final product has to be found in the accuracy of the dimension and the details of the cut product.

Automatic sheet positioning and mobile surface for a timed pieces discharge.
Rectified linear guides and accurate ball screws.
Sound screen for noise removal.


Cutting area800 x 500 mmCutting speed20 cm/sec
Max sheet800 x 2500 mmMax. speed75 cm/sec
Dimensions2171 x 1913 x 1539 mmStandard toolspunch, micropunch, pen


Sheet materials.