Project Description


The automatic cutting with telescopic arms

Automatic cutting plant with moving belt on rollers, suitable for cutting leathers and rolls materials (synthetic and fabrics).

  • Ergonomically inclined working area: quality, control, comfort and high productivity combined together
  • Available with 2 or 3 telescopic cutting heads
  • Colored back projection for assisted collection of cut pieces, recognizable by color, size and article
  • Cameras for automatic re-centering of leathers previously placed on external systems (off board)
  • Suitable for automatic on-board scanning and nesting system


ModelSigma 260 e  
Working area2600x1700 mmTelescopic heads2 - 3
Cutting area2600x1000 mmHigh res cameras3
Scanning area2600x1300 mmProjectors2 + 2
Dimensions3930 x 3420 x 2640 mm


Half, full and multiple leather hides.
Single synthetic or fabric materials.