EPC 303

Project Description

EPC 303

Maximum flexibility and productivity for large materials cutting

Flexible and innovative automatic cutting solution with a moving belt on rollers.

  • Ideal for large leathers and materials in rolls (synthetic and fabrics)
  • Available in the single-head and 2-heads version, according to the different production needs
  • Configurable with a nesting area frontal extension and a rear one to collect, for a continuous cycle work in 3 phases (nesting, cutting and collection)


ModelEPC 303  
Working area3000 x 3000 mm x3Heads1/2
Cutting area3000 x 3000 mmHigh res cameras2
Scanning area3000 x 3000 mmProjectors2
Dimensions5050 x 7000 x H. 3830 mmSectors vacuum225


Half, full and multiple leather hides.
Single synthetic or fabric materials.