EPC 14/EPC 18

Project Description


Fixed or mobile surface TESEO personal cutter

Compact and silent, it is the ideal solution for prototypes, samples and small production. This is a cutting plotter which does not need compressed air or three-phase current.

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EPC 14

Compact and silent, it is the ideal solution for cutting prototypes, samples and pre-series on leather, synthetics and fabrics of all kinds.
Equipped with a 6-tool head, it is a precious tool particularly suited for stylistic and modeling studies.


ModelEPC 14
Cutting area1400 x 800 mm
Dimensions2000 x 1450 x 1880 mm


Half and small full leather hides.
Sheet materials.

EPC 18

Cutting system with mobile belt plane and rolls ideal for both cutting fabrics and synthetics (even in multiple layers), and for the leather too.

• High brightness color projection to facilitate the collection of cut pieces
• Automatic on-board nesting (METI) to optimize the consumption of materials
• Material transport system on rollers to facilitate cutting without interruptions


ModelEPC 18  
Working area1800 x 1400 mmHeads1
Cutting area1800 x 1000 mmHigh res camera1
Scanning area1800 x 1000 mmProjectors1
Dimensions2500 x 2470 x 2270 mm


Half and full leather hides.
Single synthetic or fabric materials.