Project Description


The only system now available which consider operator’s ergonomics

Revolutionary system to cut large leathers with mobile wings (WPT) and a portal that can mount up to 4 independent cutting heads, with mobile portal and patented system WPT. It is provided with 2/4 independent cutting heads.

  • The movable wings (WPT) can lower and rise in just 2 seconds, greatly increasing the ergonomics and production capacity of the plant
  • The patented WPT (Winged Plane Technology) system facilitates the inspection, the positioning of the leather and the collection of the cut pieces
  • The mobile portal, moving from one side of the plant to the other, allows a continuous production cycle with no downtime (nesting, cutting, collection)
  • Efficient, fast and powerful nesting software to maximize leather savings
  • Instantaneous “one shot” acquisition of high-resolution images of the leather with 6 professional SLR cameras of 18 Mpx each, capable of detecting even the smallest defects
  • Color-assisted projection to collect patterns, recognizable by color, size and article

The EOS can displace a portal among the cutting and placement areas without stopping the production process; it is equipped with transparent bulkheads to easily inspect the cutting phase and, at the same time, to reduce the noise for a greater comfort of operators.

EOS is equipped with 4 compact cutting heads.

WPT Winged Plane Technology: two mobile “wings” controlled by a micro processor. The wings take two seconds in going down so the operator has an easier access to leather placement.


ModelEOS 6430  
Working area6400 x 3000 mmHeads2/4
Cutting area3200 x 3000 mm X 2High res cameras12
Dimensions10405 x 6845 x 3355 mmProjectors8/12


Half, full and multiple leather hides.